Munchkin Palace    Contract

My goal is to make sure that all parents have peace of mind
that your child is being properly cared for while you are at work or away. I will do my very best to take care of your child and show them that they are very important and loved. Your child’s day will be filled with many fun activities that will stimulate him/her not only socially, but intellectually, emotionally, and physically as well. Through play, your child will learn the importance of cooperation and sharing. They will also learn social behavior and how to get along with others. They will learn how to understand their feelings, gain self-confidence, respect for others and themselves.  All of these are valuable traits that stay with them for a lifetime.

Hours of operation are:
Monday through Friday:
6:00 a.m.   -   5:00 p.m.

*Full-Time is considered anything between 21 to 50 hours per week.*
Anytime over 50 hours is extra.
*No more than 10 hours per day * Late fees apply*

*Part-time is considered anything between 0-20 hours per week*

*Sibling Discounts May Apply

Daycare Provider-Parent Agreement Effective January 1st, 2019

A. If we agree that the child will be placed the parents must provide the following:

1. A completed registration package with current information.
A completed record of age required immunizations.
                      3. Authorization to transport the child in my vehicle.                       
4. Emergency Service & Medication Waiver

B. Two weeks paid notice is required if the child is to be permanently removed from this Daycare.

Fees, Payment and Scheduling

A non-refundable $100.00 fee will be charged upon registration of each child. This covers my cost/time involved in registration materials, as well as start-up supplies that are needed.

A. Fee schedule effective Jan 1st through Dec 31st 

B. Charges are based on the time you have arranged and agreed at the time of enrollment. If your situation changes, and if space is available we may modify your contract.

C. This fee covers breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snack breaks. This only applies if the children arrive within specified meal and snack times.

Breakfast is 7:00 – 8:00 a.m.

Morning snack is 9:30 – 9:45

 Lunch is 11:30a – 12:00 p.m.

Pm snack is 2:00 – 2:450 p.m.

Dinner is 4:00 p.m. – 4:45 p.m.

D. Rates will be evaluated in December. You will be notified of any changes in January, and any rate changes will be effective on February 1st every year.

E.  Children will be picked up no later than 5:00 pm. There will be a late fee after 5:01 p.m. of $1.00 per minute, per child.

F. Payment for Daycare services is due each Sunday in advance unless other arrangements have been made, If payment is not made on the prearranged date, a $5.00 a day late fee goes into effect until balance is paid in full. If balance has not been paid in full by the end of the week, we will not accept the children the following Monday until payment and late fees have been received for each day late, maximum 2 weeks.
If no payment is received by week 2, your child is automatically terminated from Daycare and legal actions will precede. 

G. Advance notices of vacation days are required at least two week in advance.

H.  There are a limited number of spaces available; therefore, weekly payments are not based on child's attendance. Remember you are paying for QUALITY of care, not QUANTITY!  Your fees are my entire income and to ensure that I can continue to care for your child, I please ask that you plan on making your daycare payment on time. 

I. Each family has one week of vacation to be used in consecutive days and the daycare fee is waived. This unpaid vacation may not be the same days as my paid vacation. I must be notified of your vacation week at least two weeks in advance.

After this vacation time is used, you are responsible to pay the whole week if your child misses any additional week after your free week. This also applies to any given school break including spring, winter and summer breaks. 

If you choose to terminate service during a given break, you may do so but be aware that upon returning there may not be a space available for your child, and if there is, you must pay the Enrollment fee again. (no exceptions)

J. The daycare is closed two weeks during the year. We will let the parents know at least a month in advance so alternate arrangements can be made. Payment is expected during these weeks.

K. As a provider, sometime different situations will arise during the year. I will also have up to 4 additional sick days/personal days per calendar year; these days will be paid by the parents, any additional dates don’t have to be paid. However, I do understand that most of our parents have very limited options when it comes to alternative daycare when we are closed.         I am considerate and will not take these days if I don’t need to.

Meals and Snacks.

A. All beverages will be 100% fruit juice or 1% milk and water.
B. Meals and snacks will be nutritional and the daily menu will follow the guidelines recommended by the Child Care Food Program.


A. Your child will be transported only in an automobile in safe operating condition that is covered by insurance and operated by a licensed and safe driver.
B. Your Child will be at all times in a seat belt or other protective device suitable for his-her age and weight.
C. There will be occasional field trips to the park. There will be at least one adult for every eight children.
You will be notified of any field trips in advance, and I will try and let you know if I will be transporting your child for any other reason

Health Policies and Procedures.

A. Medical Emergencies:

1.Immediate first aid will be given.
2. An ambulance will be called and the recommendations of the paramedics will be followed.
3. Parents will be notified as soon as possible.
If you are not available, other family or friends on your registration card will be notified.
4. Parents are responsible for any expenses incurred as a result of emergency room care, ambulance, etc.

B. First Aid Procedures.

1. First aid will be in accordance with the Red Cross first aid class and the poison center.  Parents will be notified of all accidents.
2. A complete first aid kit, ice packs, and emergency numbers will be kept on the premises.

C. Illnesses.

When does your child need to stay home?

If child has:

                              1. Fever of 100 F or higher during the last 24 hours.                         *A child cannot come to daycare if he had fever yesterday*

2. Mucous, drainage that has changed from clear to thick, yellow or green discharge. This signifies a possible infection and may need to be assessed by a medical doctor. 

3. Child cannot attend child care within the first 24 hours after antibiotic treatment has been prescribed.

4. Any rash on the skin must be checked by a doctor and a note must be provided to Munchkin Palace Child Care prior to the child’s return to care.

5.  Diarrhea and/or vomiting within the last 24 hours.

6. Conjunctivitis (pink eye). The eye is red with some thick yellow drainage.

7.  Irritability/overly tired so that joining in normal daily activity is not possible.  
8.  If a child gets head lice, they will not be admitted into daycare. They must be free of nits and eggs, they can return when they are 100% clear. We understand this may take up to a week. However, due to how easily they spread, we will not put other children at risk. ( No exceptions) 

        If your child will be missing daycare due to illness, please notify me by phone in the morning or the previous evening.

***This health policy will help ensure that the health of the group will stay as strong as possible.  Any of these symptoms that show up during the day will prompt a phone call to the parent with the expectation that your child will be picked up immediately.  You must          pick up the child, or provider will call ambulance if deemed necessary***

Parents, please remember, we provide CHILD CARE not SICK CARE, it is the parents responsibility to find alternate care in case any of  these situations arise 

If your child is ill for more than 3 consecutive days we will need a doctor’s excuse to return. If your child is hospitalized due to illness or accident a doctor’s note will be required prior to returning to care to ensure that your child can participate in usual activities.

If child goes to the doctor or if for any reason your child will be late... We will not allow drop-offs after 10 a.m. Please plan accordingly.

D. Communicable disease prevention and reporting.

1. Your child will be kept isolated from other children as much as possible if your child has a communicable disease.
2. Each child will be observed daily for illnesses.
3. Individual bedding, washcloths, glasses, etc. will be used to minimize spreading infection.

E.  Hand washing, diapering, sanitizing and laundering policies.
1. Daycare provider will wash hands before and after diapering, toileting, eating, handling, and preparing food, and handling contaminated materials.
2. Children will wash after toileting, after handling contaminated materials and before and after eating.
3. Diapers will be changed regularly and immediately after a bowel movement.
4. Bedding will be laundered as needed or once a week.

F. Medication Management.
1. All prescribed medication must be labeled with the child’s name and must be accompanied with written permission from the parent to dispense.
2 . Any over the counter medication will not be administered

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